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Electric & Plumbing

Professional Services Offered

ELECTRICAL (commercial/residential)


•    Installation and/or upgrades of circuit panels
•    Interior and exterior lighting
•    Adding/removing receptacles (outlets)
•    Connecting electric to hot water heaters/air conditioners/furnaces
•    Installation including burying of electrical lines to outdoor structures (detached garages, sheds, docks, etc)
•    Replacement/service of faulty wiring/circuitry

PLUMBING (commercial/residential)


•    Service water main breaks
•    Installation of plumbing lines to existing or new water access entry points within a residence/building (exp: outside faucets and laundry rooms)
•    Installation of new bathrooms and kitchens (piping in the walls and installation of fixtures after tiling has been completed)
•    Replacement or installation of hot water units
•    Service of leaking pipes whether they are in the walls or ground


  • Painting
  • Minor home repairs
  • Floor removal and/or installation
  • Junk removal
  • Local moving services
  • Property maintenance
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